Bentley renovates London Routemaster double-decker bus for St Luke hospice

The holiday season brings out the charitable and generous nature in all of us. Bentley too seems to have been overcome by the holiday spirit and showed its charitable side when it handed over a luxuriously renovated London Routemaster double-decker bus to the hospice St Luke’s at its Crew headquarters. The hospice acquired the bus in April and had requested Bentley for help with its renovation. Bentley immediately agreed and set up to give this bus a whole new makeover. The project was no easy task and required the efforts of 59 workers and took around 2,000 hours to complete. Bentley used hand stitched leather with the St Luke’s and Bentley logos while craftsmen from the firm’s woodshop, tool room and maintenance departments developed custom-made work surfaces, rails, kitchen unit and shelves. The final result was there for all to see.

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The bus will be used by the St Luke hospice as a traveling shop for colleges and universities as well as an education and awareness base to visit schools and other events.