Bentley spreads out a collection of Tibaldi, Breitling, Zai and Estede products at Paris Motor Show

Those looking to pay a visit to the Bentley boutique at the upcoming Paris Motor Show are definitely in for the time of their lives. Why? Because Bentley has chosen this year’s Paris Motor Show to debut a range of products that will ensure the crowds are attracted to the coveted automakers boutique. Besides being able to choose from a variety of products from the Bentley merchandise, visitors will also be able to splurge on several special edition products that have been designed exclusively for this show. As if that wasn’t enough, Bentley has upped its appeal by offering a range of products produced for Bentley under license from its many partners including, Breitling watches, Tibaldi pens, Estate eyewear, and Zai skis. The special edition Bentley merchandise is themed around “A Tradition of Luxury.”

Under this theme, visitors will get to buy a range of limited edition Bentley items under the Robert Ettinger of London range, including leather goods comprising luggage tags, key fobs, passport holders, and coin purses. Debuting in this collection is a range of scarves made by Heritage Cashmere that will surely appeal to every fashionista. As if that’s not all, attracting visitors at the stall will be other items like sterling silver cufflinks with Bentley’s own hallmark; exquisite silk ties, hand-stitched gloves, model cars, and a range of classic clothing and caps.
Bentley’s many partners, too, have lined up surprises for visitors at this show. Breitling for instance will be displaying an exclusive version of its Bentley GMT chronograph. Limited to just 1000 pieces, this exclusive edition timepiece dressed in the famous British Racing Green color features an ingenious multiple time zone display system. It is powered by Breitling Caliber 47B movement with 38 jewels. Boasting a steel case, this timepiece has a black dial while the strap is British Racing Green or black rubber GMT.
Zai Ski’s will be displaying its 2011 Limited Edition “Zai for Bentley” skis at this show. These amazing skis will be limited to just 250 pairs with a price tag that reads $9,800 per pair.
The fashion conscious will have fun breezing through the new limited edition high end collection of eyewear designed by Estede for Bentley. For this limited edition collection, Estede has used precious metals (like 18 ct gold and platinum) and innovative surface treatments, making this range simple exquisite.
Pen collectors can watch out for a stunning display of two exciting pen designs, the Slimline and the Supersports, in the “Tibaldi for Bentley” range.
All this and more awaits you at Bentley’s boutique at the Paris Motor Show. So be there or be square. Read the entire press release to know just everything on offer at Bentley’s boutique.

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