Bentley SUV all set to hit the terrain in 2015

While we reckon you’d be happy about the upcoming release of the new Bentley Continental GT and GTC V8 models, you’re going to be ecstatic to know that the luxury auto brand is digging deeper to roll out a new SUV model to add to their line-ups in 2015. It could be a while before it comes out, but at least you can get on to plan for it by convincing your dear wife and working overtime. It turns out that Bentley is slyly looking at the sales that Porsche Cayenne had created and plans on doubling those numbers for the new SUV, by making it “the world’s most luxurious 4×4” SUV. Why it tags it as uber luxury is because it is going to be powered by the next generation W12 engine, delivering up to 600 HP and also a special 6.0-liter V12 TDI engine that it is planning on rendering to the European market model.

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The Bentley SUV is going to wear a $140,000 price tag which is going to make every other ultra luxury automobile brand shy in the market. I’m already smitten by this baby; let’s just wait for finer details!