Bicycles, skateboards to beach shingles draped in crocodile skin

WLWC (Watch Life With Curiosity)- A Cabinet of Curiosities is back with a new range of products designed to inspire and delight connoisseurs of design. Drawing on the expertise and creativity of artists like Jeremy Kastelani (a young leather goods manufacturer) and Paulus Bolton (a Patina expert), the brand simultaneously remains rooted in its aesthetic tradition of urban lifestyle and sports and explores a new collection of exclusive objects defined by rare and precious materials.

brown-bike-patina-3Bolton and Kastelani used their combined talents to create five bicycles covered in crocodile leather. Customized in LDG workshops in California, the bikes feature rims of wood and carbon, handcrafted wheel spokes and vintage handlebars in addition to the distinctive croc skin covered frame. Each bike is priced at €22,000 or $25,442. Each bike was about 120 hours in the making.

longboard-habille-de-crocodile-1Second in the collection are skateboards covered in luxe croc leather. The boards are handcrafted by cabinet maker Clement Bouchonneau and given their leather cover by Kastelani. Each board will set you back by €3,000 or $3,470.
The collection also includes beach shingles partially covered with crocodile skins and stones covered in patina barenia leather. The beach shingles are €250 ($290) apiece while the patina stones cost €395 ($456).

longboard-habille-de-crocodile-2You can learn more about the brand and explore their products at the website:

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