Binz to come up with a modified 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Limousine

Well if you are looking at combining luxury and class, you need to get a stretch limo! Binz has now decided to bring the Merc-Benz E-class comfort in a stretch limo with the first E-Class Limousine. The German company got the go-ahead from the auto giants to develop a six-door 5.98 meters long version of the E-class, which makes the original sedan shorter by 1.11 meters. The capacity of the limo will be seven by adding two seats and two additional doors. The car will offer different levels of types of equipment for comfort and safety. You can pick between two gasoline and a diesel engine, that is, between a 350 CGI BlueEfficiency, an E500, or an E250 BlueEfficiency.

You can also pick three seating options: one where the second-row passengers sit facing the drive, second where row two and three face each other, and a third option where row two is done altogether.