BMW debuts M8 Gran Coupe that packs the performance of a supercar in a practical four-door body

BMW has been steadily expanding the line-up of the 8 Series ever since it made its official debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last year. Earlier this year in June, the Bavarian automaker lifted the veil off the two-door M8, which was launched in both coupe and convertible versions. And now BMW has followed it up by introducing M8 Gran Coupe, its four-door sibling. The newest offering by BMW is basically a combination of the 8-series Gran Coupe and the M8, and it simply is fantastic! In comparison to the two-door M8, the Gran Coupe features a 7.9-inch-longer wheelbase and arrives with an overall increase of 9.1 inches in external dimensions; which makes it a more practical alternative. The stretched dimension provides more room for rear-seat occupants.

Other than that, the 2020 BMW M8 Gran Coupe is almost identical to the freshly launched M8 coupe and cabriole, including most of the styling and the specifications. It gets the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 like the regular M8 that produces 600 horsepower in the standard model, and 617 horsepower in the Competition version. An eight-speed automatic gearbox sends the power to a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system which switches to only rear-wheel drive on selecting the drift mode. According to BMW, the zero-to-60-mph time for the M8 stands at 3.1 seconds and 3 seconds flat for the M8 Competition – exactly same as the M8 coupe. BMW also claims that the Gran Coupe is just 100 pounds heavier than its two-door sibling, which is incredible. The BMW M8 Gran Coupe is priced at $130,995, while the Competition variant carries a price tag of $143,995 (both models undercut their two-door counterparts by $3000).

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