BMW unveils limited edition X6 with M performance stripes

If you are a fan of the BMW’s old-school M-badged racers dressed up in bright white with red, dark blue, and light blue stripes running across the bodywork, you’ll definitely love the new limited edition X6 M design offered by the Bavarian automaker in similar attire. The simple paintwork screams of speed and thrill. But the decals are not the only eye-catching updated on the BMW X6 M design edition, 21-inch alloys along with a carbon front splitter and rear splitter, black grilles, and diffuser adds to the overall aggressive DNA.

On the inside, the interior is wrapped in black leather with Mugello red accents, which is further highlighted by piano black dash trims. BMW will only make 100 examples of the limited edition M design X6, and though the pricing and the availability haven’t been announced, it’s unlikely that it’ll make its way to the US.




[Via – BMW and Facebook]

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