BMW 7 series get a new iDrive

BMW has faced a lot of crass for the shortcomings of the iDrive control system, which helps driver access infotainment and car functions in the car. Giving in to the demands, in the new 7 series models, a new iDrive screen is incorporated, which is a drastic change from the previous generation. Pictures of the new main screen for iDrive, in German, and some trickles of details from the news release are out. The controller for iDrive is the same as before, a big knob with joystick functionality. Also included are a set of dedicated buttons for immediate access to the radio, CD, navigation, and phone menus.

As observed from the picture released by BMW, the new main interface shows a stack of menus that you can scroll through and select. The earlier interface used four quadrants. The news release points out “letters of the alphabet and numerals are arranged in circular form for more intuitive input of addresses and phone numbers.” BMW will show the new 7-series at the 2008 Los Angeles auto show.

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