BMW Cross Country Bicycle for $6,600

Anything with wheels and a BMW label on it will be beyond the reach of not-so-deep-pockets. Be it the four wheeled cars or the latest two wheeled cycles! However if you are a BMW user and you have decided to go green and save fuel then you can pick from a range of the BMW bicycles. Along with doing your bit to protect our globe from carbon emissions you will also gain by loosing calories and getting fitter. From several versions available like cruisers, to kids to enduro bicycles, you can settle for the one that suits your style and wallet. Roll over to know more about the priciest one – BMW Cross Country Bicycle.

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It weighs 11.6 kilograms and comes with full suspension with four-bar rear end. Frame is hydroformed wuth BMW logo. Also features telescopic air fork Manitou Skareb Super and Manitou Swinger 3-way. It carries a BMWed tag of €4.199 ($6,600) and all of them are currently for sale in Germany only.

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