BMW M3 Art Car airlifted to the Pulpit Rock, Norway to pay tribute to painter Edvard Munch

German-automobile giant BMW has been known to have an artistic side and has invited renowned pop artists to give its cars a brush-over for the last 35 years. Artist Jeff Koons’ latest work, a high-performance custom-painted M3 GT2, was flown down to the world-famous 600-meter high Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen in Norway part of a stunt organized as a tribute to artists from history’s lane, particularly Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Best remembered for his painting, “The Scream”, recently auctioned for a whopping $120 million. As part of the BMW Art Car project, this unique M3 was flown by helicopter to the jaw-dropping location and photographed in a place most four-wheelers wouldn’t have the opportunity to tread.

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