BMW presents luxurious 787 cabin concept for Russian tycoon

Possessing a personal jet is no more a high-end accomplishment…….its how luxurious and stylish the interiors are that talk of your status in this world of crowding Richie-Rich folks! Following the speculation of the latest refurnished A380 for some Middle-Eastern client, its time for wealthy individuals from other continents to stand up. Boeing Business Jets approached DesignworksUSA and challenged the firm to create a conceptual 787 aircraft interior for a fictitious, affluent, Russian client in his mid-thirties. So in a pursuit to render a second luxurious home, the design team at DesignworksUSA came up with an interior with semi-translucent walls, residential-style furniture that lets space visually continue around it and vistas that let the eye travel beyond the immediate environment. More luxurious images follow……..


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