BMW redefines the use of car keys

BMW group never ceases to amaze us with their amazing new products that take technology to a completely different level. Take for instance their latest product design, which plans to transform your car key into a must-have modern gizmo. The BMW research and technology group have developed this amazing gizmo, which uses a security chip (which communicates with a card reader via radio) that is inserted into an electronic key device, thus granting you access not only to your vehicle but also to make cashless payments, functioning as a personalized credit card.

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That’s not all, folks. This portable gizmo also acts as a mobility device giving you access to personal data such as subscriptions to services, address books or favorite radio stations from inside any BMW car, through its key holder. An amazingly innovative gizmo, it surely is worth a buy. For all those absent-minded people who are known for losing their keys, this is definitely not for you.

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