BMW’s new tech will turn your car into a giant touchscreen

Gesture control isn’t limited to smartphones anymore and German automotive giant BMW seeks to incorporate this technology in its future cars. With CES 2016 just around the corner, BMW plans to unveil the new AirTouch technology, an enhanced version of the gesture control system unveiled last year and currently used in the new BMW 7 Series. According to the company, the AirTouch technology “allows the display in a vehicle to be operated like a touchscreen without actually having to make contact with the surface”. The software used will enable users to surf through menus automatically, without clicking buttons or tapping the car’s display screen.

All of this is being done to help drivers control several features of the car without losing concentration at the wheel. As BMW progresses through the modern ages, the number of apps and functions in the cars the company develops only increases. Owing to this fact, BMW is constantly crafting new ways for drivers to interact with their cars, without taking their eyes off the road. We’re looking forward to the unveiling of this upcoming development from BMW at CES 2016. If all goes as we’ve imagined, the future of automobiles and the way we interact with them could change forever.

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[ Via : Theverge ]