Bombardier’s two new private jet models touted to become world’s most expensive

As aviation companies try to live up to the increasing demand for private jets, it is Canadian aviation company, Bombardier that will hold the title of offering wealthy high-flyers a chance to own the world’s most expensive private jets. All set to displace Gulfstream as the world’s most expensive jets, Bombardier has unveiled two new models, Global 7000 and 8000, which will cost about $65 million apiece! The two new models will boast a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90. The Global 7000 will have a range of 7,300 nmi at Mach 0.85, while the Global 8000’s range will top out at 7,900 nmi at Mach 0.85. Besides being the world’s most expensive private jets, these fuel-efficient models will also steal some other titles. The 7000 is all set to have the largest cabin in business aviation, while the 8,000 will brag of the longest range.

The new models with luxury fittings and amenities cater to the high flyers in India, Asia, and UAE. The 7000 has a capacity to hold 10 passengers while the 8000 can accommodate 8 passengers. However, Gulfstream need not burst into a sweat yet as the first of these models is expected to be ready for delivery only by 2016.

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