Bookings open for the Parajet Skycar

Nobody can forget the revolutionary Parajet Skycar. The car, which was built two years back at the Goodwood Speed Festival, charmed quite a few high flyers with its unique ability to stay airborne. Now Parajet is offering prospective flyers (buyers) the opportunity to book their very own Skycar by paying a fully refundable deposit of £10,000 ($16,400). The estimated standard cost of the Skycar is suggested to be £50,000 ($82,000). You can also customize your car according to your needs and requirements. Once you make the necessary deposit, Parajet will give you your personal order number and expected delivery date, and production queue number. What is more, Parajet makes the experience of waiting in queue extremely profitable with the option of selling your place to others further down the line.

Once booked, you will be expected to pay the full amount 100 days before the scheduled delivery date. As of now, the company has suggested 2010 as the scheduled delivery date for this one-of-a-kind car. To order your Skycar right away, click here.

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