Brabus’ Business Lounge Sprinter van is better than many hotel suites

Luxury is something some of us simply can’t do without, even while out, on the road. For those who love their creature comforts, wherever they go, the Brabus Business Lounge is the perfect way to go! Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, this modified luxury vehicle has everything you’ll need while travelling, and perhaps a little more. On the exterior, Brabus has made a bunch of changes, with a new bumper up front as well as 18-inch Monoblock wheels, oozing Brabus design. Inside, the van is a sheer treat to the senses, sorting extremely luxurious leather-covered seats that make sure you stay comfortable while you travel.

With enough space to accommodate more than four people, the Brabus Business Lounge comes with foldable table tops, a large LCD TV, a wine and champagne cooler as well as a coffee machine. The ambient lighting used inside the van is customizable too, enabling a user to set the mood for a ride. The Business Lounge van is a great place to have a mobile meeting and also doubles up as a ‘home away from home’ for those who spend hours on the longer road. Complete with a massive sunroof and an infotainment system to keeps users entertained, the Brabus Business Lounge is a must-have for those who’re a little too used to luxuries.

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[ Via : Mashable ]