Brabus tunes the wickedly fast Mercedes AMG GT to churn out 600 hp

The people who drive Mercedes-Benz supercars, usually have a different understanding of the word power. While the rest of us are satisfied with the 200 horses our cars are capable of churning out, there are a few amongst us who consider these numbers measly. For those power-hungry few, Brabus has unleashed this 600 metric horsepower beast. Based on the Mercedes-AMG GT, this car packs a punch, hard enough to knock most of your car-loving buddies off their feet, every time you drive by. The car’s horsepower has been tuned up from 469hp to the aforementioned 591hp. This, along with 553 pound-feet of torque, is enough to make this car send shivers down the spines of the bravest automotive souls.

Brabus tunes Mercedes-AMG GT 3
And yes, Brabus hasn’t just spent all its time playing around with the car’s engine. The company also offers customer-specific cars, complete with custom fittings to suit an owner’s taste. The demo vehicle sports a full aero kit crafted from carbon fibre, 20 inch mono-block alloys in the front and 21 inch ones at the back, as well as a completely new interior. The car touches the 100km/h mark in well below 3.6 seconds and is capable of touching the 325 km/h line without a whimper, but a pretty loud roar.
Brabus tunes Mercedes-AMG GT 2

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Brabus tunes Mercedes-AMG GT 4

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