Brabus Bullit Coupe steals the title of world’s most powerful and expensive C-Class

In our pursuit to find only the best for you, we came across this piece of news which we are sure will catch the attention of our speed-loving car enthusiast readers! Toppling the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series Coupe from the position of the world’s most powerful C-Class position is the Brabus Bullit Coupe. Yes, the car, which is all set to make a world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, boasts of 800-hp and is powered by the same V12 powerplant found in the S-Class.

The Brabus displacement has been boosted from 5.5L to 6.3L, along with a pair of turbochargers. Believe it or not, this mean machine can make up to 1047 lb-ft of torque but has been electronically limited to just 811 lb-ft. The powerful beauty on wheels can reach speeds of 62-mph in merely 3.7 seconds, just half a second faster than the C63 AMG Black Series.
Commanding an asking price of $594,000, this beauty is not only the fastest C-Class in the world but also the most expensive. Watch out for this beauty at the Geneva Motor Show.
[Via AutoGuide]

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