Brabus Private Aviation will customize private jets

Brabus, the world largest independent automobile individualization brand has now turned its attention to owners of private jets. What it does is, provides professional aircraft management services custom-tailored to the client’s individual preferences. Brabus Private Aviation is launched to focus on existing or new heavyjets, such as the Bombardier Global Express and Challenger aircraft families as well as the Dassault Falcon series. Clients can choose to custom-tailor their very own personal cabin designs from scratch or request one of the design lines presented by the company. Brabus has two design lines under its wing called “Elegance” and “Sportive” for the Bombardier Global Express on offer. Brabus Private Aviation offers its customers a unique blend of engineering and design know-how along with a complete refurbishment of their aircraft’s exteriors and interiors.

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Brabus Private Aviation provides special attention to the cabin-components and the design elements right down to the minute details. This covers the precise colour combination of all interior components, entertainment system, digital media and multimedia devices for customers. So, if you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your heavy jet, you know whom to approach now!

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