Breaking the ice between luxury and adventure is the $150 million Damen SeaXplorer mega expedition yacht

One doesn’t usually associate prime luxury aboard a mega yacht with the actual need to go on an expedition of any kind, unless you happen to have the genes of an Arabian price and a Cousteau. Nonetheless, for the more adventurous and affluent lot, yacht builders extraordinaire, the Damen group, have announced their first series of seagoing vessels that have been specifically designed for ‘expeditions’; so enter the SeaXplorer range that could traverse the Arctic as easy as it would the Bahamas.

Damen’s mega yacht 2
The SeaXplorer range was showcased at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show and naturally garnered quite a bit of attention. It has been designed to be as fabulously opulent as the next mega yacht but would also be just as steadfast as any exploration vessel, thanks to Damen’s patented Sea Axe hull, which has been strengthened to enable the explorer yacht to easily cut through ice, be it in the northern most ice landscapes of the Arctic or the southernmost of the Antarctic. Designed to be a fully loaded expedition vessel, the SeaXplorer will able to accommodate 2 helicopters, mini submarines, expedition and dive boats, up to 50 crew members and 30 adventurous guests.

Damen’s mega yacht 3
With all the trimmings of a luxury craft, the SeaXplorer, expedition ready, mega yacht will set adventurers back at least $150 million (£100million); so you had better make sure you discover Atlantis of some sunken vessel loaded with gold bullion.

Damen’s mega yacht 4

Damen’s mega yacht 5

[ Via : Metro ]

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