Bugatti made a Chiron inspired yacht and you have to see it to believe it

Bugatti is known for their hypercars, but now they’re bringing their signature luxurious style to the seas with a sport yacht designed in collaboration with yacht manufacturers Palmer Johnson. The Limited Edition Bugatti Niniette 66 is a 66 foot exercise in flawless design with elegant curved lines and a C-shaped profile that directly references Bugatti’s Chiron.

Etienne Salome, the Design Director and Head of Interior Design at Bugatti told Forbes that “This yacht successfully carries the DNA of more than a century of history of our brand with its specific architecture: center-line accentuation, Bugatti Signature Line as well as the duotone, symmetry and multiple other elements that one discovers in Bugatti sports cars as well.”

The yacht’s master suite uses plush materials like soft leather, polished metal, suede and carbon.

A signature Bugatti horseshoe shaped salon features heritage automotive traits, including the macaron skylight.

The Bugatti Niniette 66 reaches a speed of 44knots with comfort and efficiency thanks to the advanced stabilized hull.

The yacht’s deck features a fire pit, Jacuzzi, sunpads and Champagne bar for guests to relax and enjoy.

Only 66 gorgeous Ninettes have been produced, a factor that heightens their exclusivity.

“This yacht was not designed to please a corporate brief. It was created for people in search of a very unique—a Bugatti—experience. Personally, I have always dreamed of designing this kind of yacht; a yacht for an audience that appreciate quality and luxury beyond a label or contemporary fashion,” said Salome.

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