Bugatti Grand Sport exhibited at the Geneva 2010

The Bugatti Veyron is the most popular version of the auto brand had recently made its appearance in the Dubai Motor Show in December last year in three sizzling versions. And there is the 70-year-old Bugatti’s that are still fetching big bucks for the auctioneers. Whatever you say, Bugatti is never going to stop pleasing us. That’s exactly what we realized when we saw yet another show stopper at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 recently. We loved the Sang Bleu Grand Sport Bugatti released late last year, and the auto company has unveiled it’s brand new Grand Sport finished in carbon fiber, covered in clearcoat and polished in aluminum to awe us yet again. We love the open top and the lustrous brown carbon fiber finish that the car flaunts, only if we had the dough to buy one for ourselves.

Check out the all pictures and then start drooling!

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