Californian home is designed around a Ferrari 512i BB

There are a few cars that surpass conventional automotive beauty. These cars are the type that remains unmatched through generations, turning into iconic masterpieces. One of these is the Ferrari 512 BBi. As with every Ferrari, this one’s worth a second glance and was once considered one of the forerunners in the world of automobile technology. There might have been cars developed quicker and a lot more power than this Ferrari, but that surely doesn’t stop California-based Holger Schubert from doting over his sweet dark grayish-black ride! Just like most supercar owners, Schubert loves his Ferrari so much that he has designed his abode around the car, literally!

The car’s parking space doubles up as a living area for Schubert as well as an office. The area where the car is parked also sports an office, couch, bookshelf, and television. All of this is topped with a jaw-dropping view. To bring the car back home, Schubert has built a bridge that sits 16-feet above the ground, enabling the Ferrari 512i BB to roll back into the “garage.” A garage like this is bound to inspire those who simply can’t stop showering love on their Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Koenigseggs!

[Via – Autoblog]

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