Camping in a Polygon with Mehrzeller

Here’s a trailer that will make you go noticed even in the most run down of places. All thanks to the Mehrzeller trailer that’s shaped like a complex polygon. The name may sound a bit strange. It means multi cell, so this makes the description of the trailer rather simplistic. Created by Christian Freissling and Theresa Kalteis of Graz University of Technology, Austria, the trailer’s creation was sponsored by auto making giant, BMW. The trailer, once it goes public, will allow users to customize its shape to their requirements while maintaining the honeycomb design on the outside.

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If you feel that it’s just the outsides of the trailer that’s all good looking then have a peek at the insides. They are made with Ikea-style bleached-wood-and-white-paint. There is a lot more to be heard from the makers of the same and this includes the pricing and availiblity.