CarCapsule keeps all unwanted elements away

Folks who are very touchy about their cars may feel that just covering them with a clothed cover isn’t enough. Doesn’t stop those prying hands from sliding underneath the sheet. So here’s a perfect solution for their hang-ups. To protect your luxurious vehicle from unavoidable elements like envious hands, sun, rain, snow, dust, etc. you must cover it with CarCapsule. Truly speaking its just a clear vinyl (anti-static and flame retardant) bubble that can envelop your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle and keep it looking fresh and new. Once you lay the base out on the floor, you simply park your vehicle on top and then zip the clear vinyl dome all around it. A built-in fan then inflates the dome, keeping it from touching the vehicle. Once it’s inflated though, the fan keeps running to constantly circulate the filtered air inside and keep the car smelling fresh while it’s in storage. It’s sturdy enough to withstand an accidental drop of a 5lb. hammer on your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle when it’s in the CarCapsule. It’ll simply bounce off!

Depenging on the size of your vehicle, you can get it for $269 for an 8-foot version and $419 for a 22-foot version.

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