Carhenge, made from 38 vintage American cars costs less than a Ferrari FF

If you have $300,000 what would you rather splurge on? Memorabilia, cell phones, diamond rings, parking spaces, speeding tickets, a home theater, speakers, a gun, a steely sofa or a new face even? How about a car then? If you are an automobile lover, then you’d rather head over to Nebraska to catch a glimpse of the Carhenge instead of going to see the real Stonehenge in UK. However, as a car lover, this is a good time to pitch in to keep the structure alive too. The structure has been put on sale by Friends of Carhenge group, the nonprofit organization that runs it for a very reasonable price of just $300,000! Located outside of Alliance, Nebraska, it was put together by artist Jim Reinders as homage to Stonehenge, in 1987 and sports 38 cars. The tourist count on the site amounts to over 80,000 tourists every year.

Right now, the site is free to visit, with just a small gift shop to generate revenue. The NGO had plans to introduce facilities like a campground, convenience store, and go-cart track, but a lack of funds killed the dream. And there’s something good coming out of your purchase. The sale proceeds will be used to pay off debts and “establish an art scholarship and promote tourism in the area.” With winter coming in soon, time to hurry if you need this baby soon.
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