Cessna’s CitationAir Jet Access program to enjoy the benefits of a private aircraft without buying one

Private travel can be a luxurious option even f you don’t really own a chartered plane, all thanks to Cessna. After their power jets, the company is out with the Jet Access program by CitationAir, wherein their customers can enjoy 50 hours of fractional ownership, alongside the flexibility and a Jet Card annually. You can also opt for additional hours on the flight, reduce usage time, or carry forward unused hours. So now you can be at any place at any time in your private jet and not bother about maintaining the baby elephant completely!

CitationAir’s president and CEO to Justluxe, Steve O’Neill, explains, “The Jet Access product requires no aircraft ownership, thereby eliminating any concerns about future residual values. With a simple upfront refundable deposit and no capital commitment, coupled with a minimal 12-month initial contract, this is a terrific opportunity for individuals and organizations considering private travel“.

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