China beats the US as the largest market for Bentley, Porsche and Audi

The West dream is far gone and now it is all about following the rising sun. The east has been reveling on the economic and financial slump that the great western powers have been suffering in the recent past. China is surging higher and higher, fuelled further by the American decline and how! Current statistics show that the country has replaced the US as the biggest customer for VW luxury vehicles. Apparently the sales of Bentley Motors and Porsche SE – the former a subsidiary and the latter owning a controlling stake with VW, has surpassed that of the US this year. A senior analyst explains that the luxury brands sells well in China these days because of ‘new wealth’. Oh, to think how these little Asian men toiled on the American soil for years because of disloyal leaders. It isn’t so hard to imagine a future where the Americans will be seen toiling on rail tracks in China and being whipped when they miss a spot. Karma.

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