Christian Audiger’s Cadillac Escalade-based Audigier VIF1 fails to impress

Many of you have probably seen the Cadillac Escalade-based Audigier VIF1 created by Christian Audigier of Von Dutch and Ed Hardy clothing line fame. For those who missed noticing this attention grabbing car, here is some info. The car was released in 2008 and marks Christian Audigier’s foray into the luxury coach-building line. The VIF1 boasts of a raised roof, stretched rears and doors, customized fabricated body panels and grills with high intensity lighting as well as 24 carat gold-plated emblems and exhaust tips. The wheels too boast of hand painted details. The interior on the other hand is much more elegant and luxurious as it offers everything from a 26 inch flat panel TV to wooden cabinets as well as a maple console that houses a six disk alpine DVD changer, Sony Playstation 3, Apple IPod, and an Apple Mac mini 80GB computer. The leather and blue-dyed interior is definitely much better than the bizarre exterior.

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Sure to be a show stopper (for the wrong reasons), this car is definitely one of a kind (and hopefully the last as well). I hope Christian Audigier sticks to designing clothes only.