Citroen unveils the most avant-garde garage

Your lavish, luxurious cars would undoubtedly require an equally extravagant abode to park itself in. The world’s foremost ‘designer garage’ for Citroen’s new executive model, the C6 is a truly individual statement for the seriously wealthy kinds. Citroen has unveiled a futuristic garage, designed by distinguished architects Neutral. It spreads over more than 50m square. Drawing inspiration from the pronounced architectural forms of the Citroën C6, the garage is formed by three solid strands, which create the “skeleton” of the main building. The C6 (as a matter of fact any other car too) can be driven in from the front or back of the garage. The sliding transparent walls are made of polycarbonate sheets with embedded color LCD layers that go opaque when privacy mode is turned on.

Reflecting the technical finesse of the Citroën C6, the multi-functional garage not only makes a bold, spatial statement, but its tectonic design also provides the owner with a useable roof terrace and a unique ‘man-made landscape’ to adjoin their home. According to Neutral’s Christian Grou, the garage “encourages a visual dialogue between the inside and outside, and between the car and its environment as a result of the use of materials of different transparencies.” Park your Armored Maybach 62 or the likes in this Haute garage for a hefty amount of $212,815……. (just a little less of the car’s actual cost). It is in fact about three times the cost of the C6 that’s supposed to be parked inside.

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