Cogburn CB4 hunting bicycle rides with bows and rifles in tow

Let’s face it, we all fear the apocalypse. With the way the world spins today, nature could finally give up and leave us to a terrible fate at the end of it all. So, a few of us have begun preparing well ahead. Part of the apocalypse survival kit we’ve been putting together without sounding too paranoid is this bike that screams “rugged”! Called the Cogburn CB4, this monstrous bicycle is the type the town-bully would ride to school every day and has tires wide enough to get you over the most unconvincing terrain. With anodized blackims, handlebar, crank, and other components, the hunting bicycle comes swathed in the Realtree Xtra Camo pattern, making it appealing to the outdoorsy folk.

The bike sports full-range gearing, all-condition disc brakes, and a wide handlebar. Apart from that, the CB4 also features attachment points on the frame for a rear rack and cages for water or fuel bottles. The bike’s forks also have attachment points, enabling you to carry more stuff on a hunting trip and survive an apocalypse. Designed, finished, and assembled in the USA, this Cogburn CB4 hunting bicycle is the monster-truck of bicycles and also burns a monstrous hole in your pocket, worth $2,199!

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[Via – Thrillist and Realtree]

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