Complete with five plush bedrooms and a jet ski platform, this is Britain’s most expensive houseboat ever

Here to completely transform your mental imagery of a houseboat is this exclusive British yacht home that is currently moored at St. Katherine’s Dock, London. Refurbished into a sprawling sea home from what was once upon a time an old steel barge, this palatial property is up for grabs at a jaw breaking price of £3.7million.(making it the most expensive houseboat to date in Britain)

Titled as the Matrix Island, the houseboat includes a state-of-the-art kitchen, five large double en-suite bedrooms, a jet-ski platform and an open plan upper deck (complete with a huge trampoline and table tennis) that is near perfect for sun baths and Sunday brunches.

Unlike regular house boats, the King-size property boasts of a 5000 square ft dining room and reception area and is perfectly perched at the upmarket yacht marina next to the Tower of London and London Bridge.

With a £18,000 annual maintenance fee inclusive of mooring charges, this pricey houseboat is fit for those with deep pockets and an undying love for the sea.

The plush water home also includes an indoor foosball table and a sauna with an overall décor that is bound to make you feel like royalty in the modern day

Previously owned by a French filmmaker, the boat was later sold and refurbished into its present state. Currently, this straggling 128ft-long craft is on the books of the Riverhomes agency for sale.


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