Concorde Jets to soar the skies again

Besides new structures, the 2012 Olympic Games will also see the revival of one of the most favored modes of transport of the elite folks, the Concorde luxury jet. Yes, the jet that retired from service seven years ago is reportedly preparing to get back in the air in time for the 2012 Games. BB reports an enormous $22 million restoration project underway to get this jetliner back in the air. Engineers from the Save Concorde Group (SCG) and the French company Olympus 593 have already begun the examination to ensure the Concorde’s Rolls Royce engines are in good shape. The jets revival announcement comes just days after a Paris court concluded the trial over the notorious Concorde crash that killed 113 people back in 2000. Although the court is yet to give the verdict, there is little chance that it will affect the restoration project.

So for all those who longed to see the Concorde soar the skies again, get ready to see your wish granted this 2012.

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