Confederate X132 Hellcat motorcycle pays tribute to World War II F6F Hellcat aircraft

The Grumman F6F Hellcat carrier-based aircraft had its share of glory days during World War II. This particular plane has always been reminisced of by aviation enthusiasts, war veterans, and the like. Drawing inspiration from the good old aircraft, this $45,000 Confederate X132 Hellcat motorcycle seems to be the embodiment of aggression and ruggedness. Using high-quality components, including a billet aluminum case, carbon fiber wheels, and a body frame and stance that could pretty much put a raging bull to shame, the X132 Hellcat comes with a 2,200 cc V-twin engine spouting 145 pound-feet of torque!

And if the sheer bulk of it all has left you intimidated, grasp this. This monstrous machine weighs in at just 475 pounds, and we leave you to deduce the power to weight ration the bike comes off with, without a scale-crushing rider though.
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