Coren carbon fiber bike is designed by a Formula 1 firm

UBC is probably best known for manufacturing high performance parts for Toyota’s Formula 1 sports cars and luxury rides like the Porsche GT2. The German company known for being an “in and out carbon specialist” has designed a vehicle of it’s own, called the Coren, meaning “chosen” or “precious” in old english. CEO Ulf Bräutigam came up with the idea so as to raise the profile of the underrated company. He recruited the help of renowned industrial designer Christian Zanzotti with the brief to create a bike “that the masses couldn’t ignore.” Zanzotti delivered spectacularly on this brief, with Coren, a unique standout at the Eurobike convention. UBC’s vast racing experience can be seen in aspects such as a frame built from carbon fiber typically limited to race cars, an unconventional carbon – drive belt system that replaces the traditional chain and the relatively light weight of 17 pounds.

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“The constraints of design and marketing were completely disregarded during the coren’s development. Our aim was to create a bike that no-one can imitate because no-one would dare. Mission accomplished” says Ulf Bräutigam. This unconventionally designed fixed gear bike goes for a cool $32,000. While this hefty price tag does lead to a few raised eyebrows it also succeeds in it’s primary aim of “getting people’s attention.”
[Ubc-Coren and Fastcodesign]

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