Customized Louis Vuitton 1962 Cadillac for sale

The Louis Vuitton buff has a variety of options available to him/her to flaunt his/her love for this luxury brand. And if you claim to be an LV fan, then this unique custom Cadillac must definitely be parked in your garage. The 1962 Cadillac (signed Detroit Customs) is the ideal set of wheels for the LV lover as it features a custom interior in vinylized Egyptian cotton signed Louis Vuitton! Reportedly over $150,000 has already been poured into this unique one-off creation. The car was custom-made for an unnamed hip hop artist who never took delivery of the car for complicated reasons. So the artist’s loss is your gain. Like every Louis Vuitton item, this car too is another pricey affair flaunting a $79,900 price tag.

Louis Vuitton 1962 Cadillac_1.jpg
Available exclusively on JamesList, this one-of-a-kind LV 1962 bronze Cadillac is a must-have for the true LV fan.

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