Cyclone Multi-lifestyle Toy Haulers: Luxurious living on the go

The Cyclone Multi-Lifestyle Vehicle is for the ultimate toy lovers, who take comfort and portability as their oath for life. It has a multitude of offerings that would make you want to stay in all day and all life. It has opulently furnished large Bedroom/Bathroom suites, Real Hardwood cabinetry, Doors and Drawers, Diamond plated tool box built into the storage area, choice of 2 stunning exterior graphics packages, solid surface counter-tops and Washer/Dryer Preps in most models.

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Cyclone’s garage offers storage space at its premium, providing innovative and durable pull out storage trays as well onboard fuel station. It is affixed with a fine Docking center that goes perfectly well with the built in diamond-plated tool box. The built-in Beaver-Tail storage boxes keep tools and spare parts in safe haven. All in all, the Cyclone Toy Hauler is one desirable toy to play with!

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