Daihatsu DecaDeca concept car will make a great mobile workstation

The Tokyo Motor Show gives automakers a chance to gauge the feedback of customers on their new concepts and designs. And one concept that is sure to appeal to all visitors at the Tokyo Motor Show is Daihatsu’s DecaDeca. The box-shaped car’s can be a great mobile workstation as its interiors boast of fold-away seats that can be arranged in a variety of patterns. This is especially great for storing large items. There is also a large flatscreen with a fold-down desk, which would make this the ultimate mobile computing platform. Furthermore, the unique concept car features an extremely low and completely flat floor which, coupled with pillar less suicide doors, promises to make ingress and egress extremely easy. The spacious interiors with hi-tech features and easy entry and exit make this an ideal mobile workstation.

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The car powered by a three cylinder engine will surely be a hit if it ever goes into production. Let’s hope Daihatsu takes our suggestion of selling this car as a mobile workstation and starts producing it soon.