Daimler’s new lengthier Maybach 72 for $780,000

Daimler’s Maybach is a front-runner when it comes to luxury executive vehicles. And this car has satisfied its clients in the areas of comfortable yet lavish transport. But the company that created the Maybach 62 was not satisfied with its length (6.17m) and wanted to increase it even more to gain some customer satisfaction. Thus giving birth to the new lengthier model: the Maybach 72 which comfortably makes way for 2 additional rearward-facing but full-sized seats. The new model will happily accommodate 6 passengers. An amazing extension to pamper its clients, this car promises to woo all.

The Maybach 72 will cost its buyers $780,000, a staggering increase from the earlier model which cost $390,000. However not much is known about this car, but according to sellers the car has not seen much use with just 800km on the odometer. We sure hope this luxury car finds its way in the homes of many.

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