Dartz Kombat SUV can now be rented on French Riviera

Dartz has partnered with Cannes Car Rental to offer the luxurious $200,000 Dartz Kombat SUV on rental for luxury loving folks on the French Riviera. Claimed to be the perfect modes of transport for the royals, this car is definitely one of the most luxurious ways to travel. The unique rental offer lets you pick the SUV according to your choice of color. What is more, attending bodyguards are also available! The Russian grenade-proof car will surely ensure your safety. So if it’s both luxury and security that you seek on your next trip to the Riviera, the Dartz Kombat is the perfect vehicle for you. A lavish mode of conveyance, the rental rates for the Dartz Kombat start at $8000 per day.

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