Dartz plans an all-gold armored truck for “The Dictator” movie

Russian carmaker Dartz will provide a golden armored truck for the filming of the fantasy Saddam Hussein biopic “The Dictator.” Sacha Baron Cohet is making a film that is loosely based on the novel Zabibah and the King. The story is simple: a beautiful Iraqi commoner gets raped by an evil husband. The theme is actually an allegory for the US invasion of Iraq, but the story is set in New York.

Dartz is an insane car maker from Russia who is most famous for making an SUV … with a whalepenis leather interior and the movie’s target was Pamela Anderson who complained about the cruelty to animals which Dartz relented and ended making a Pamela Anderson Volga with fake whale penis leather. Hah! The all-gold Promborn SUV that Dartz will be providing for the movie is expected to have everything in gold and seats from Boris Yeltsin’s plane. What a crazy world we live in!

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