Dartz plans an all-gold armored truck for “The Dictator” movie

Russian carmaker Dartz will provide a golden armored truck for the filming of the fantasy Saddam Hussein biopic “The Dictator.” Sacha Baron Cohet is making a film that is loosely based on the novel Zabibah and the King. The story is simple: a beautiful Iraqi commoner gets raped by an evil husband. The theme is actually an allegory for the US invasion of Iraq, but the story is set in New York.

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Dartz is an insane car maker from Russia who is most famous for making an SUV … with a whalepenis leather interior and the movie’s target was Pamela Anderson who complained about the cruelty to animals which Dartz relented and ended making a Pamela Anderson Volga with fake whale penis leather. Hah! The all-gold Promborn SUV that Dartz will be providing for the movie is expected to have everything in gold and seats from Boris Yeltsin’s plane. What a crazy world we live in!

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