Dartz teams up with TopCar for another disaster, the CA$H.CAMO

Continuing its efforts of surprising car enthusiasts with unique materials (or in Dartz’s terms, wraps) and never before heard of interiors, Dartz has unveiled yet another queer creation. However, this time, the Russian SUV purveyor is not solely to blame for the debacle, as the new creation has been made in association with supercar tuner TopCar. The creation, an awful bespoke Bentley christened, CA$H.CAMO will be unveiled at the Top Marques Show. TopCar definitely needs some appreciation for customizing the British supercar with a Bullet body kit, making its lines a little leaner and meaner, along with a new set of wheels. But it’s all downhill from there. The poor Bentley, or rather, the CA$H CAMO, is completely covered in an exclusive Kevlar-based vinyl wrap combining a camouflage pattern with the graphics of a €500 banknote with its purple color scheme and architectural motif, the currency’s highest denomination. As if this wasn’t enough, the wrap’s texture has been designed in a specific way to make it feel like a real banknote!

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The unique “cash” wrap will be available on Dartz’s other creation, the POMBRON T68 Red Diamond Edition as well. This is definitely the tackiest way to flaunt your luxury lifestyle.

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