Derringer Mopeds can reach 35mpg

Reviving the classic styled pedaling board track mopeds, we have the Derringer Mopeds that have made an entry into the mainstream bike industry. The Derringer promises a bit more than what earlier offerings did. It is basically a 50 cc bike that needs to be pedaled and then the engine gets enough of power to take you to work at 35 mph! It provides impressive returns of up to 180 mpg. The styling of the bike is totally retro and the white color just adds to the ‘moped’ image of it. So if you have been looking at board-track bikes as fun then this is something for serious racing. It’s time to change perspectives of this classical two wheeled wonder.

There may be a few stares that some folk may have to spare every time you take this one out of your garage. There cannot really be much to look forward to if you plan to challenge the scooters of today so make sure that you challenge only those whose caliber you manage to match.