Design Q set to transform Airbus A380 into a flying palace worth $482 million

If you think you have seen some of the craziest and most extravagant purchases, wait till you hear this. An unknown buyer has splurged on an extravagant private jet that will put every other luxurious private jet to shame. The converted Airbus A380 is expected to be ready in three years time and will hold the title of the world’s largest private jet. The work of transforming this jet into a mid-air palace is being carried out by the Worcestershire-based firm Design Q. Some of the features of this luxurious jet include an onboard garage, a lift that shuttles between the three magnificent floors and a red carpet welcome for all its high flying guests. The tummy of the A380 has been turned into a relaxation zone and has a Turkish bath lined with marble only two millimeters thick to keep the weight down. There is also a unique well-being room that has floors and walls turned into giant screens showing the ground below. Guests can enjoy a unique flying experience by stepping on to the magic carpet as a cool scented breeze blows in the room. This majestic palace will have a private quarter which would have five luxurious suites each boasting of king- size beds, entertainment systems and a prayer room featuring computer generated prayer mats which always face Mecca. Besides private suites there is also a board room for mid-air business meetings and 20 ‘sleepers’ – the equivalent of First Class seats – for extra guests. The entire cost of this extravagant jet is touted to be £300million ($482 million)!

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Truly a majestic creation, this beauty is sure to go down in history.