Detroit Electric SP:01 is all set to take on the Tesla Roadster

We love sports cars, and when these gas-guzzling maniacs turn environment-friendly and eco-friendly, we can’t resist them! This is why we bring to you one of the greenest sports cars we have come across off-late, designed, developed, and brought to the world by Detroit Electric. The car is a perfect comeback for the company and is called the Detroit Electric SP:01. Using a body pattern that leans heavily on the Lotus Exige, this electric car uses bespoke bodywork constructed for Detroit Electric. It is made entirely out of carbon fiber!

Capable of touching the 62 mph mark in just 3.7 seconds, the Detroit Electric SP:01 sprints to a top speed of 155 mph and is expected to be the “fastest-ever production electric car.” Also, this card comes with a mid-rear configuration, with the motor and battery pack tucked in the middle and powering the rear wheels. Complete with a luxurious cockpit sporting leather and carbon fiber and using regenerative braking to its advantage, the Detroit Electric SP:01 is indeed the car to look out for! The company plans to have these go on sale later this year.


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