Diamond-encrusted tire rims for $1 million are the most expensive tire rims ever

During the festive days, we come across a hundred and more ads luring us to buy one thing and getting another (more significant and pricey) stuff free! And most of us do fall prey to this marketing trick. But ever heard that “buy diamonds and get a (real) Bentley free”? I am not joking buddy but let me be more precise (unlike the ads). You must buy a set of four Asanti diamond-encrusted wheels, and you’ll get a Bentley GT on the house. Asanti may not be a name you know right off the top of your head but it is the elite sub-brand of luxury wheel maker Lexani. The 22-inch wheels can be ordered with sapphires, rubies, or any other gem a prospective owner desires. Priced at a stupefying amount of $1 million, are you wondering who would even think of buying them? Well, they have sold a set to rap music mogul Master P and who has helped them with the designing part too.

So if you wanna make your car stand out then Asanti is the answer. Just make sure that you have a place for a new Bentley in your garage. And also don’t forget to check your latest bank balance amount.