Dubai fire fighters to join the league of extraordinary men with new jetpacks

There are swanky dentists who send swankier sedans to pick you up for an appointment. Cars with aquariums. Sportsmen get to play on helipads. The tallest, biggest, largest, widest, hugest, gigantic-est structures are built and seen here. Policemen drive around in Lamborghinis. And so, when the Dubai Civil Defence service purchased 20 totally-rad and supersonic manned and unmanned jetpacks, we can only smirk. Because these can happen only in Dubai.

As per a contract with New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company, the jetpacks which are equipped with two training simulators will ‘mainly be used in first responder roles’. That is to say that if any of the tall sky-smacking scrapers may catch a fire, god forbid, then firemen will be able to fly up to the high floor and fight fire like true hot-blooded heroes. The packs also have thermal imaging cameras which can help relay valuable information to other fire fighters or, a ‘significant operation advantage’. The packs can also help in transporting medical supplies and rescue people from burning buildings.

The jetpacks have twin-ducted fans and a V4 engine and can fly up to 3,000 feet. It can race to a maximum of 70kmph and can keep going for half an hour at a time. They are expected to be delivered by next year.
One such pack costs $250,000. You do the math for the whole bunch.

This is the future. Soon we are all going to, indeed, be flying around in battery operated or electrical or jet-engined capsules like we have seen in a sci-fi thriller.

[ Via : Geeky-gadgets ]

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