An irresponsible man from the Netherlands is rightfully sentenced to 4 weeks in prison for letting his 7-year-old son drive a Ferrari at 140mph.

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Imagine being passed by a speeding Ferrari on the highway with a kid behind the steering wheel; I’m sure it will freak you out too! A Netherlands court sentenced a man to four weeks in prison for letting his 7-year-old child drive two different Ferrari supercars and several other automobiles, including a Scania truck with a trailer in tow. According to a report by the Dutch publication Quote, the kid can be seen in a video driving a yellow-colored Ferrari 488 Spider at speeds close to 140mph, overtaking multiple cars (we had to rely on Google Translate to convert the report from Dutch to English). In another video shot on a smartphone, the child can be seen behind the steering wheel of a Ferrari F12 with the speedometer bouncing close to the 100mph mark. Obviously, the 7-year-old is not tall enough to reach the pedals of the supercars. In most of these videos, the kid is sitting on his father’s lap and controlling the steering wheel. What’s even worse is that there are multiple videos of red light violations, which seriously endangered the life of the child.

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In case you are wondering how did the law catch up with the irresponsible father, then let me tell you that the story is no less interesting than a Hollywood movie. You see, the man sentenced to jail time is a drug dealer and is already behind the bar for other illegal activities. The videos of his son driving those vehicles were found on his iPhone which was confiscated by the cops during a drug bust. On discovering the videos, the country’s Public Prosecution Service decided to press charges. This is not the first time someone has been prisoned for letting his child drive a Ferrari. Back in 2013, a rich businessman from India was arrested after a video of his son driving a Ferrari F430 went viral on the internet.

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