Dutch collector to buy final red Bugatti Veyron to complete tricolour flag!

We have been pouring you with endless dope about one of our favorite cars Bugatti Veyron but this one is class apart. Like owning two Bugatti Veyron’s wasn’t cool enough for a certain Mr. Harrie van de Moesdijk who wants a third one specifically in the color red only to complete the colors of the Dutch flag as his previous two happen to be white and blue. Now that’s either being very patriotic or maybe we should suggest to him to buy the excuse ball instead. Moesdijk might have a hard time securing that final Veyron, though, as it will surely command a premium over the already seven-figure price of the super-exotic hyper-car.

On second thought if he already has two Bugatti Veyrons apart from other cars this premium would qualify as peanuts for him. Hopefully, Moesdijk will get his hands on the very last of the 300 being made. You rich spoilt brat Moesdijk!

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