DynaWing Solar Hybrid Supertanker is the largest and the greenest

This newest conceptualized offering from Sauter Carbon Offset Design appears most ambitious. They have unveiled their project titled Deliverance, a DynaWing Solar Hybrid Supertanker. If hybrid cars fascinate you, then the Supertanker will amaze you as the largest and greenest vessel ever built. The objective of the Supertanker is to transport crude oil all over the world. The tanker is designed to do this with the latest hybrid technology, marrying power from LNG with Solar and Wind Power. By doing this, the Emax Supertanker will be expected to reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions by at least 35%. Its long and narrow design is expected to navigate the enlarged locks of the Panama Canal with ease. The Deliverance is expected to cost 15% more than its counterparts.

Richard Sauter, in his statement, expressed, “A Solar Hybrid Post Panamax VLCC presents us with a major win-win scenario, for apart from safeguarding the planet, oil companies can look forward to savings of up to 60 million dollars a year on the purchase of fuel, which at today’s prices not only pays for the Emax Supertanker in under 4 years but increases their earnings over her service life by over 1.5 billion US dollars“.
Thanks Richard Sauter

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